Innovating to Reduce Emissions and Energy Use

A Fortune 500 provider of consumer and industrial products and services asked Analysis Group for assistance in developing a model to quantitatively estimate the impact of its current offerings on future US energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. An Analysis Group team led by Managing Principals Brian Gorin and Kris Comeaux and Principal Todd Schatzki worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive quantitative model to determine the potential reductions in energy use and GHG emissions to be realized from full deployment of the company's various products and services. The team conducted detailed assessments of the company's individual products and services to determine current and future technology adoption, incremental energy savings, and the resulting integrated impact on US energy use and GHG emissions. Our support included collaboration on development of the analytical model, assessment of model data and assumptions, and model programming and implementation.

The Analysis Group report provided the company's senior leadership with valuable information for their use in developing regulatory and business strategies, and with an empirical understanding of their company's environmental impact to help them articulate its strategic vision and commitment to corporate citizenship to shareholders and customers. The study model also can be expanded to address markets outside the US.

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