Vitascan v. GE Healthcare

Analysis Group was retained by Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP on behalf of GE Healthcare in its successful defense against a lost profits lawsuit brought by Vitascan, a Santa Barbara-based mobile body scanning company. The jury in the case ruled unanimously in favor of GE Healthcare on all of Vitascan's claims and also ruled in favor of GE's claims for unpaid service, awarding more than $50,000. Vitascan had sued GE Healthcare for $12.8 million in lost profits, alleging that the portable scanners Vitascan leased from GE contained a design flaw that destroyed the company after just two years in business. GE countered that Vitascan's failure was not due to scanner defects, but to poor management. Analysis Group Senior Advisor Bruce Strombom testified at trial, providing a rebuttal of Vitascan's damages analysis. Principal Kevin Gold supported Dr. Strombom.

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