How to Apply – Analyst

Please note the analyst role is equivalent to the research professional role in Montreal.

The analyst position is an entry-level role for candidates with research experience who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, economics, finance, mathematics, physics, statistics, or related subjects. We seek intellectually curious people who have an interest in applying quantitative methods to real-world research problems. 

How to Apply:

Please submit a resume, transcript, and cover letter indicating your geographic preference(s) by your school deadline to both your campus career website and AG's online application. If we do not post our position on your campus, please complete our online application. 

Health Care Opportunities

Our ideal candidates are intellectually curious people with experience or a strong interest in applying quantitative methods to real-world research problems in the life sciences industry. We seek candidates with a bachelor's or master’s degree in public health, biostatistics, epidemiology, health policy, psychometrics, computer science, economics, health economics, physics, statistics, data science or related subjects.

Summer Analyst

As an introduction to the analyst role, Analysis Group hires summer analysts into a robust 10- to 12-week internship program, generally the year before graduation. Summer analysts' responsibilities and contributions are equivalent to a full time analyst. Summer analysts are staffed onto at least one case team, where they are able to make tangible contributions. They also receive exposure to the firm's work, staff, and culture through technical and soft skill training, practice area overviews, informal meetings with staff, and firm social outings. Many summer analysts receive and accept offers to return to Analysis Group full time upon graduation.

Recruiting for summer analysts will resume in December and conclude in March.


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