Analysis Group fosters an academically oriented work environment with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration across multiple areas of expertise. The associate position is for M.B.A. and Ph.D. candidates and advanced degree holders who are passionate about solving economic, financial, and business challenges. Candidates should be pursuing or possess a graduate degree in economics, finance, or general business with expertise in areas such as econometrics, price theory, industrial organization, labor economics, health economics, competitive economics, accounting, marketing, survey design, or market structure.


  • Identifying key economic issues and developing relevant analytical frameworks
  • Formulating economic and financial models
  • Conducting empirical studies
  • Performing quantitative and qualitative research
  • Collaborating with academic and in-house experts 
  • Presenting results of analyses
  • Thinking creatively about how leading-edge analytics and emerging data sources can address clients’ most pressing business challenges 
  • Helping companies leverage analytic tools to better manage innovation


Our ideal candidates are intellectually curious people with strong interpersonal and communication skills and an interest in applying quantitative methods to real-world research problems. Successful associates are committed to teamwork, collaborative problem solving, continuous learning, and professional development. We welcome soon-to-be or recent graduates and experienced candidates with prior relevant academic or industry experience. In addition to the traditional associate role, we also offer opportunities to join the firm as a summer associate intern.

Learning and Development Opportunities

AG Orientation: A cross-office event designed for all new AG employees, this conference provides a deep dive into our history, our work, our culture, and our people. The event features speeches from senior staff, small group discussions, and social events. New employees return to work with an expanded network of peers and resources to help them succeed at AG.

Analytical and Coding Skills Coursework: We provide associates with extensive training so they can develop the core analytical skills critical to their casework. Coursework strengthens associates’ understanding of AG’s best practices in Excel and in SAS, Stata, R, VBA, and Python coding.

Associate Onboarding Workshop: A training program designed for associates in their first year at AG, this workshop sets expectations for the associate position and explains how to navigate the AG case team process. Associates discover valuable tools and learn how to get off to a positive start on new case teams. Workshop attendees make connections with peers and build a community that helps them navigate and succeed in their new roles together.

Writing Workshop: This workshop covers foundational principles of good writing at AG for all consultants. AG consultants often prepare high quality written documents that require the ability to summarize complex analyses in simple terms for nontechnical audiences. Associates attend this workshop to develop their structural writing skills, and walk away with improved outlining, drafting, and self-editing skills.

Case Management Workshop: This cross-office leadership program is designed for associates in their third year at AG. This workshop provides associates with the information and tools necessary to navigate the case manager role effectively. It also gives associates the chance to make connections with senior staff and peers alike, allowing them to build a community to navigate the case manager role together.


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