Enrico Zanardo




Ph.D. and M.Phil., economics, Columbia University; M.S., applied mathematics, University of Padua; B.A., mathematics, University of Padua

Summary of Experience

Dr. Zanardo specializes in formalizing economic and statistical models designed to evaluate health outcomes, measure online advertisements’ effectiveness, and assess the merits of antitrust claims in high-tech and pharmaceutical markets. In his health economics work, Dr. Zanardo has modeled differences in health care resource utilization and costs between patient cohorts, designed surveys to collect patient outcomes from electronic medical records, and applied machine-learning algorithms to derive predictive models. In his litigation work, he has supported academic affiliates in projects that have involved measuring consumers’ willingness to pay for consumer goods, modeling the market for online display advertisements on social networks, and investigating the impact of Amazon reviews on online and offline sales. Dr. Zanardo has experience analyzing a wide variety of datasets, including medical and pharmacy claims datasets, Nielsen consumer goods scanner data from leading US retailers, Slice online sales data, proprietary internal profit and loss reports, and drug formulary placement.