Keith R. Ugone

Senior Advisor
Keith R. Ugone


Ph.D., economics, Arizona State University; M.A., economics, University of Southern California; B.A., economics, University of Notre Dame

Summary of Experience

Dr. Ugone specializes in the application of economic principles to complex business disputes and is experienced in economic and damages-related analyses. He has provided financial and economic consulting services in cases involving antitrust, breach of contract, class certification, intellectual property, professional negligence, and securities-related issues. Dr. Ugone has frequently evaluated lost profits and valuation-related issues using large databases and complex computer models.

Dr. Ugone has constructed or evaluated damages models that have included such components as lost sales analyses, incremental cost analyses, assessments of profitability, assessments of the capacity to produce additional units, the competitive business environment in which a damage claim is made, claimed lost business value, and claimed reasonable royalties. He has performed economic liability analyses in antitrust matters including defining relevant markets, assessing market power, and evaluating alleged anticompetitive behavior. In consumer product class action matters, Dr. Ugone has addressed economic- and damages-related issues relating to classwide proof of claimed economic harm and price premium claims, including analyses of demand drivers affecting consumer purchase decisions and product pricing patterns observed at wholesale and retail levels. With respect to patent infringement matters, he has performed lost profits-related and reasonable royalty-related analyses.

Dr. Ugone has testified at trial and in deposition more than 500 times.

Provided Expert Testimony

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