Devin Reilly

Vice President



Ph.D., economics, University of Pennsylvania; B.A., economics, and B.S., commerce, University of Virginia

Summary of Experience

Dr. Reilly is an economist specializing in antitrust, competition, finance, securities, and intellectual property. He supports the analysis of market definition, market power, and competitive effects; lost profits in intellectual property cases; appraisals used in the underwriting of mortgage-backed securities in finance matters; and price erosion, reasonable royalties, irreparable harm, and commercial success in patent infringement and trade secrets misappropriation cases. Dr. Reilly has provided expert support in recent antitrust cases involving clients such as Microsoft and the US Department of Justice (DOJ). His research topics include corporate governance, financial incentives, and public economics, and his work has been published in The Review of Financial Studies, among other publications. Dr. Reilly received the Joel Popkin Graduate Student Teaching Prize in Economics and the Lawrence Robbins Prize in Economics, both from the University of Pennsylvania.