Michael Carson

Vice President
Michael Carson



M.B.A., NYU Stern School of Business; B.S., economics, Northeastern University

Summary of Experience

Mr. Carson specializes in applying economics and data analysis to complex business issues in litigation and non-litigation matters. He has provided consulting and expert support in a range of cases, including health care litigation and government investigations, intellectual property (IP) disputes, and antitrust and competition matters. Mr. Carson’s health care litigation and government investigations experience has included evaluating liability and damages related to breaches of non-compete agreements involving major dialysis centers and pharmaceutical companies. He has also helped build algorithms for real-time suspicious order monitoring of pharmaceutical controlled substances, and analyzed large health care transaction-level and claims databases. His IP experience has included analyses of purported trade secrets used to develop health care-algorithm software applications. Mr. Carson’s antitrust and competition experience includes evaluating allegations in reverse-payment settlements and other business transactions between brand and generic pharmaceutical companies. He has developed, administered, and analyzed surveys in trademark, IP, antitrust, consumer protection, and false advertising matters. His publications have focused on health economics issues such as modeling the budget impact of introducing prescription drugs.