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  • Decision Making in a World of Comparative Effectiveness Research

    Decision Making in a World of Comparative Effectiveness Research, a new book edited by Howard G. Birnbaum and Paul E. Greenberg, is a guide for real-world CER analysis and interpretation for use by decision makers. The chapters are authored by senior industry executives, key opinion leaders, accomplished researchers, and leading life sciences attorneys. The book is intended for decision makers who wish to make the best use of CER in today’s landscape of big data and enhanced methodology. 

    Martha Samuelson Recognized as One of Global Competition Review’s Women in Antitrust

    Martha Samuelson has been recognized as one of 10 economists on Global Competition Review’s (GCR’s) distinguished list of Women in Antitrust 2016. The list is part of a broader GCR profile of women considered among the top private practitioners, enforcers, in-house counsel, economists, and academics in antitrust, and recognizes those who have been at the forefront of competition law and made groundbreaking contributions to the competition landscape.

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