Pro Bono Work on Rental Discrimination Wins “Hero” Award from Massachusetts Housing Association

April 19, 2021

We congratulate the Analysis Group pro bono team that coauthored the report “Qualified Renters Need Not Apply: Race and Voucher Discrimination in the Metro Boston Rental Housing Market,” which was awarded the Fair Housing Hero Award by the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association. The team, which included Vice President Jee-Yeon Lehmann and Senior Analyst Judson Woods, partnered with researchers from The Housing Discrimination Testing Program at Suffolk University Law School to study discrimination against renters who use Section 8 housing vouchers in the Boston area. The research, which found widespread discriminatory practices against Black and low-income renters using Section 8 vouchers, was widely covered in the media and published in the Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy.

Congratulations to Jee and Judson!