Mass Torts

For clients involved in mass tort matters, we provide consulting support and expert testimony on issues arising from product liability and warranty claims, allegations of fraud, negligence claims, and allegations of unfair advertising practices. Our experts draw on complementary analytic capabilities in areas such as econometrics, market research, epidemiology, and biostatistics to help our clients address liability issues, class certification, and damages quantification. We also provide consulting assistance on financial reserving, pretrial discovery, and settlement negotiations.

Our work in mass tort matters has included interventions in a variety of contexts and at numerous phases, including:

  • Analysis of issues confronting pharmaceutical companies during FDA decision-making processes, including before and after product withdrawals or the issuance of FDA “black box” warnings
  • Assessment of the safety standards and operating procedures of manufacturers to determine liability risks
  • Application of biostatistical analysis to adverse event data in consumer products liability matters 
  • Evaluation of allegations of securities-fraud-related class actions concerning the implications of statistical evidence and statements that were allegedly false or misleading with respect to changes in stock prices 
  • Quantification of damages in numerous mass tort matters across industries, including in the application of sophisticated damages modeling 
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