Pricing, Coverage & Management Issues

Many insurance disputes include questions about the reasonableness and competitiveness of premium levels, the scope of coverage associated with particular policies, or appropriate management practices by insurers. Analysis Group has provided economic consulting and expert testimony in many matters involving pricing, coverage, and management issues across multiple lines of insurance.

We have addressed pricing issues ranging from alleged mispricing and performance manipulation by insurers to appropriate policy design and premium-setting methodologies. Coverage questions at issue typically involve the interaction of policy coverage interpretation and economic analyses, often in the context of older claims for either adverse health effects or environmental damages. We have also examined insurer management issues, which can relate to overall firm financial management and alleged failure to meet fiduciary duties.

We have provided the following types of assistance in insurance litigation matters: 

  • Pricing of health insurance policies under alternative methodologies
  • Economic analysis in support of insurance rate setting
  • Analysis of insurance company investment performance in the context of alleged mismanagement
  • Support and analysis for in-house or consulting actuaries in the development of pricing models for various types of class relief
  • Analysis of claims exposure cost under alternative legal findings in environmental litigation
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