Wireless Communications & Spectrum Valuation

Wireless carriers in the United States have recently faced new spectrum and competition policies regulating the development of the wireless spectrum. We have worked with clients in this area to assess the competitive impact of proposed spectrum licensing transactions and analyze the economic implications of new broadband wireless services.

Our senior consultants and affiliated experts have provided expert testimony and presented their findings in related matters before the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Our Capabilities

We have supported clients in the analysis of spectrum auction policy, spectrum license acquisitions, wireless technology standards, and voice and data roaming markets. This includes damages and valuation assessments in a broad range of contexts, including:

  • Providing insights into the implications of policy proposals governing spectrum holding limits and auction participation in the design of auctions for mobile communications spectrum
  • Analyzing and developing impact studies with respect to the potential risks and rewards of US auction design mechanisms and policy objectives based on international experiences
  • Offering support to anticipate the implications of regulatory issues on wireless technology standards and voice and data roaming markets
Our Capabilities