Valuation of Other Assets

Analysis Group has extensive experience in valuing numerous types of ventures, products, and instruments across industries. We apply quantitative expertise and industry experience to perform valuations in litigation in the context of liability and damages assessments involving, for example:

  • Mortgage portfolios and servicing rights
  • Employee stock options and other equity instruments
  • Amenities, such as the contingent value of open space and use of public lands
  • Real estate valuations based on robust models that differ from conventional appraisals

We have often used empirical modeling techniques in helping clients ensure compliance with global accounting standards. Examples of our work include:

  • Developing modified Black-Scholes and binomial lattice-based models for valuing traditional employee stock options and nontraditional instruments, including discount, capped, indexed, and performance-based options, and traditional and performance-based versions of restricted stock, restricted stock units, and stock appreciation rights
  • Constructing empirical models incorporating data from thousands of real estate transactions to assess the impact of such factors as environmental hazards on market value, proximity to urban amenities, ownership by financial institutions, and other property attributes
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