Microsoft Iowa Settlement

The class action lawsuit against Microsoft in Iowa, involving claims of anticompetitive behavior and overcharging consumers for software products, was settled. The terms of the settlement were disclosed in April 2007.

Analysis Group worked closely with both in-house counsel for Microsoft and the law firms Heller Ehrman LLP; Sullivan & Cromwell LLP; and Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads LLP in the Iowa litigation. Our team provided broad-ranging consulting assistance for the attorneys and numerous academic experts in the preparation of reports, deposition testimony, preparation for plaintiffs' depositions, and trial. We supported experts in areas including antitrust economics, industrial organization, information technology, finance and accounting, and rebuttal of damages estimates.

The Iowa case was only the second of over 150 state cases against Microsoft to go to trial. The Minnesota litigation, in which Analysis Group also provided assistance, was settled in 2004.

Analysis Group has worked on a variety of antitrust cases involving Microsoft over many years. All of our teams in these matters have been led by CEO and Chairman Martha Samuelson, Managing Principal Rebecca Kirk Fair, and Principal Almudena Arcelus.

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