Managers are responsible for leading client case teams and structuring the overall analytical approaches to cases. Managers work with senior consultants in responding to lead inquiries and preparing proposals. Additionally, managers play an active role in business development and affiliate support initiatives. Managers also act as mentors and play critical roles in the development of junior consultants.


  • Leading case teams to meet client and firm expectations, including designing analytical approaches from data gathering to final analysis
  • Establishing and maintaining excellent client relationships; interacting with clients as respected primary deliverers of the firm’s expertise
  • Managing and anticipating expectations of clients and affiliates, as well as potential criticisms of economic analyses and identifying possible responses
  • Developing compelling written reports
  • Demonstrating the ability to develop and manage key relationships
  • Gaining expertise in multiple practice areas
  • Identifying opportunities for publishing or public speaking
  • Supporting senior consultants in new client development; identifying specific opportunities with existing clients


Manager candidates hold an M.B.A. or Ph.D. in economics, finance, or general business, and demonstrate relevant work experience and expertise in areas such as pricing theory, finance, industrial organization, labor economics, health economics, accounting, or econometrics.

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