Charles Wu

Vice President
Charles Wu



M.B.A., enterprise management, MIT Sloan School of Management; M.A., economics, Northwestern University; S.B., economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Summary of Experience

Mr. Wu has experience consulting on energy economics, securities, trade disputes, M&A, and statistics. His work supporting academic affiliates in litigation matters has included performing antitrust analyses of commodity markets, calculating payments to creditors in bankruptcy, estimating damages based on lost royalties, critiquing statistical sampling for mortgage-backed securities, and Monte Carlo simulation modeling of statistical tests. He has conducted numerous economic impact analyses related to energy, electricity, and carbon allowance markets, and has designed and run simulations of large-scale distributed networks to predict operational efficiency and costs to consumers. Mr. Wu has developed operational models of power plant and natural gas availability to analyze fuel and energy security during extreme weather conditions. He has also assisted market regulatory authorities with matters related to market and auction design, with impacts on millions of customers. Previously, Mr. Wu worked at Microsoft, where he used order-level data from across Microsoft’s hardware supply chain to visualize the timing of international distribution center inbound and outbound shipments.

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