Predictive Analytics & Optimization

As new data streams continue to become available – including text, picture, and video – it has become more challenging than ever to determine what story the data are telling. Combining traditional techniques with advanced algorithmic learning and artificial intelligence enables us to approach manually intensive tasks with greater efficiency. We are often able to identify patterns in seemingly unrelated data, patterns that can enhance our ability to make predictions about relevant outcomes.

Clients benefit from Analysis Group’s use of leading-edge methodologies and analysis to inform critical decision-making processes across virtually every sector.

We have used advanced analytics in a number of ways, including:

  • Helping to forecast the market demand for new products or features and/or the success of marketing campaigns
  • Predicting high users of medical services based on their diagnostic and prescription drug use history
  • Using social media analytics to evaluate general causation between medical products and adverse events in product liability assessments
  • Examining similarities/dissimilarities of patent language published in multiple jurisdictions to determine the likelihood that a specific patent will survive a challenge
  • Efficiently analyzing billions of mutual fund transactions across numerous file formats and platforms
  • Analyzing potentially fraudulent activity in allegations of data breaches involving millions of personal information records