Infrastructure Valuation, Investment & Siting

Our quantitative capabilities and finance experience enable us to help investors, project developers, regulators, and others in the assessment of options for existing assets and new investment opportunities, including appraisals and management of financial, physical, and operational risk. Our experience includes targeted investment and siting assessments of specific projects as well as more extensive modeling of economy-wide investment and energy savings.  

We have also drawn on the resources of our varied practice areas to assess damages and provide litigation support -- including expert testimony and critique of opposing experts’ analyses -- in a variety of related contexts.

We have supported clients, addressing investment and siting considerations, in matters that have included: 

  • Analyzing energy companies’ strategic options for power plants, including divestiture, risk management, and operational and reconfiguration options
  • Conducting market analyses in support of determining economic need for new energy infrastructure projects
  • Assessing the electric-system emissions, costs, and performance implications that result from the addition or retirement of generating assets and transmission infrastructure
  • Peer-reviewing a utility company’s quantitative assessments of the benefits and costs to customers and shareholders of alternative resource investment strategies
  • Advising on regulatory strategy for permitting and siting new energy projects
  • Testifying before state regulatory agencies on behalf of clients engaged in various types of projects, including counter-parties to long-term power supply agreements, companies that bid resources into utilities’ competitive procurements, and approvals for electric and gas facilities
  • Estimating the macroeconomic impacts of investments in various energy projects
  • Expressing expert opinions in litigation about changes in markets that affect the value of or need for new energy infrastructure
  • Performing technical financial analyses to help a leading natural resource company mitigate the risks of its investments in energy markets, including the risks posed by national climate policies
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