Natural Resources & Agricultural Economics

Analysis Group has significant experience assisting clients in the agricultural and natural resources industries. We have addressed topics such as land valuation, natural resources investment analysis, agricultural pricing, and damages assessment. Our work has included consulting support and expert testimony in litigation, strategy, and commercial contexts for clients that include private companies, government agencies, Native American tribes, nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Natural Resources:

We have supported clients in strategic, regulatory, and litigation settings in matters related to natural resource economics, including the valuation of metals and minerals, water, land, and other resources; contract evaluations and negotiations involving natural resources; issues involving equitable apportionment; and eminent domain disputes. Our consulting and expert testimony work has addressed topics such as liability and damages analysis, accounting research and investment analysis, valuation of intangible assets, and transfer pricing issues.

Natural Resources


Analysis Group is at the forefront of applying economic principles and analysis to matters involving participants across the agricultural value chain, with particular experience in markets for grain, dairy, and protein (including beef, pork, and poultry) products. Our experts have opined on the extent to which input cost changes are passed through the supply chain to downstream purchasers, the behavior of commodity futures markets, the proper use of statistical and econometric methods in assessing economic damages, the role of agricultural cooperatives, the effect of trade disruptions on the prices of agricultural products, and the effects of herbicide use on crop yields.

Our team has broad experience in the natural resources and agricultural industries across a range of issues, including matters involving: