Resource Planning & Management

Our work in both competitive and regulated industry contexts has included forecasting costs and benefits, benchmarking, developing bidding strategies, assessing measures of market power, designing market monitoring and mitigation, and assessing resource and product alternatives. We have applied our expertise in strategic business consulting engagements, in preparing public reports, and in providing expert testimony before regulatory agencies and federal and state courts. We have supported the analysis and design of regulatory standards and rules affecting resource plans. Our teams have extensive experience in assessing the value of various resource alternatives in the context of planning and competitive procurements, and in analyzing the impact of generating-asset performance on power-system operation and economics. 

Our clients -- including utilities, regional system operators, owners and developers of generation and transmission assets, government agencies, companies, industry groups, water utilities, and other resource-rights owners -- have retained us to:

  • Serve as an independent market monitor of short- and long-term resource procurements
  • Provide expert witness testimony in state regulatory proceedings on resource planning and procurement
  • Evaluate market monitoring policies and practices
  • Assess best practices in state and utility competitive procurements of supply for retail service
  • Design and support default service auctions
  • Identify strategies that state governments could incorporate into state plans to control carbon from existing power plants
  • Provide litigation support in disputes over the economic impact of structural changes in the electric industry with specific regard to contractual terms
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