United States v. Cioffi

In a high-profile trial that garnered widespread media attention, Analysis Group was retained by Brune & Richard LLP and Williams & Connolly LLP on behalf of two former Bear Stearns hedge fund managers facing criminal securities fraud charges in relation to the 2007 collapse of two Bear Stearns funds that had been heavily invested in collateralized debt obligations, including subprime instruments. A US District Court jury acquitted both defendants. Managing Principals Maureen ChakrabortyLisa Pinheiro, and Marc Van Audenrode; Principal Jimmy Royer; and affiliate Michael Koehn supported testifying expert R. Glenn Hubbard, dean emeritus of Columbia Business School, in the evaluation of the investment strategies, portfolio composition, and performance of the funds. Dean Hubbard delivered expert testimony in the trial, and was credited in the subsequent media coverage for the effectiveness of his testimony.