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Analysis Group has a set of administrative departments that support our consulting business and the firm’s core business operations. The administrative professionals in these groups provide business services for all our employees and office locations. Our administrative departments include the following:

  • Business Planning & Analytics
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Office Administration

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Each of these departments, and our teams of administrative professionals, are critical to the continued success and growth of the firm. Everyone at AG relies heavily on the expertise of our administrative staff and recognizes the importance of respectful and collaborative partnerships across all teams at the firm.

Our administrative professionals range from recent college graduates to experienced experts who have worked in a variety of industries and organizations. We recruit administrative professionals who are highly talented, collegial, exceptionally motivated, and open to new ideas. As with our consultants, administrative professionals who find the greatest success at our firm are those who thrive in a dynamic, rigorous, and collaborative work environment. They continually seek ways to improve our firm and work product. They also look for ways to enhance firm life through contributions to our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; pro bono work; and other firm-building activities.


Our ideal candidates are intellectually curious people with strong interpersonal and communication skills. They are committed to teamwork and collaborative problem solving, and aspire to continuous learning and professional development.

Analysis Group is a large and multifaceted firm. We have over 20 practice areas, and our offices are distributed across three continents. Our administrative teams must often be familiar with employee and client requirements and customs across multiple states, countries, and cultures. They stay aware of regional regulations and cultural expectations while maintaining the firm’s professional standards and our distinctive, collegial, and inclusive culture.

Much of the firm’s work involves proprietary and time-sensitive information relating to litigation cases or health economics and outcomes research. Deadlines are often short, and meeting them while maintaining high standards of accuracy and confidentiality is essential. We seek candidates who enjoy the challenges of a fast-paced work environment in which colleagues provide exceptional work. Team members should be comfortable solving problems with their teams quickly and communicating their solutions promptly and effectively.

Our most successful administrative staff members are collegial, proactive, and team oriented. We invite you to explore the sections below to learn more about administrative professionals’ responsibilities and opportunities at Analysis Group.

Business Planning & Analytics (BP&A)
The BP&A department uses Analysis Group’s analytics to support key operations firm wide, including financial planning, budgeting, headcount forecasting, compliance, compensation, utilization, and overall business intelligence. BP&A incorporates analyses, modeling, and forecasting in its strategic planning and decision making; optimizes processes; and improves efficiency through automation.

The Finance department partners with consulting and administrative staff to meet the firm’s financial needs, including preserving our financial strength and control. Team responsibilities include overseeing corporate and client finance matters. Finance collaborates closely with the BP&A team.

Human Resources (HR)
Our HR team engages with each employee from acquisition and onboarding through ongoing career development and transition planning. HR provides resources on topics including benefits and well-being; professional development; career path planning; diversity, equity, and inclusion; immigration support; advising; performance feedback and reviews; compensation planning; coaching and leadership; and culture initiatives.

Information Technology (IT)
The IT team provides infrastructure that lets us scale quickly and adapt to changing market demands. IT provides consultants with environments that support data-intensive workflows, and provides platforms and tools that foster communication and collaboration throughout the firm. The IT team automates and streamlines essential business and IT processes, protects sensitive data and intellectual property, and provides individualized support through its service desk.

The three teams within the Legal department – Conflicts, Contracting, and Compliance – assess and manage risk across the firm. They collaborate with consultants and administrative professionals to review all new business, provide legal advice, negotiate contracts, and ensure compliance with legal and client-mandated obligations. Legal works in partnership with consultants throughout each case’s life cycle to provide superior service to our clients.

Marketing & Business Development (MBD)
Our MBD team provides customized services including business intelligence, business development support, editorial and writing assistance, media relations opportunities, digital marketing offerings, graphic design, and branding. MBD provides the firm’s foundational marketing structure, including our website and social media platforms, marketing technology platforms, practice and recruiting collateral, conference support, and more.

Office Administration
The Office Administration and Operations team provides a diverse portfolio of daily support services for facilities operations, administrative and executive support, business travel, office design, and capital planning.

Please visit the Our People page to read about the personal experiences of various Analysis Group team consultants and administrative professionals.

Responsibilities vary significantly across administrative departments and positions. Most require specific technical skills, expertise, certifications, training, or experience. Please see specific job listings for requirements.

Administrative teams often collaborate closely to provide thought partnership to our consultants. For example, consultants work with conflicts specialists in the Legal department to search for potential conflicts of interest. Our Recruiting team within Human Resources works with the Digital Marketing, Editorial, and Graphics teams. Consultants reach out to researchers in Business Development to look into litigation case histories. These strong and valuable relationships result in trust and respect across teams.

Here are some of the responsibilities common to many administrative positions at Analysis Group:

  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders at all levels of the firm to determine their needs, challenges, and goals, and develop strategies to meet them.
  • Provide reliable, high-quality, and supportive customer service when responding to internal and external requests.
  • Engage in ongoing trainings and certifications as needed. Cross-train with other team members and learn to provide back-up support on critical procedures.
  • Effectively and proactively coach and mentor other team members. Support the firm’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
  • Identify trends by utilizing data, analytics, and stakeholder feedback. Note opportunities for process improvement. Suggest improved workflow strategies as needed.

From rich orientation programming, to mentoring from advisors and experienced employees, to Analysis Group University (AGU) courses and trainings, every administrative professional has an array of opportunities to learn, grow, and advance. The firm also offers LinkedIn Learning courses and certifications to help you develop your skills. The following are several of our training and development opportunities for administrative professionals.

AG Orientation: All new full-time employees attend an annual orientation in Boston. Orientation features speeches from senior staff, small group discussions, and social events. New employees return to work with a greater understanding of our history, work, culture, and people, as well as an expanded network of peers and resources to help them succeed at our firm.

Analysis Group University (AGU): All employees can access our centralized online learning portal and view hundreds of training videos, presentations, and other targeted training content on demand. Technical and nontechnical trainings are available.

Quarterly Discussion Series: This series features discussion sessions on topics including delivering performance reviews, onboarding employees, and best practices for effective communication. These discussions provide our administrative teams with opportunities to strengthen their peer networks across functional areas and build skills in management and communication.

Administrative Leadership Program: Strong leaders are critical to our success at Analysis Group, and employees’ experiences are heavily influenced by their managers. To improve those experiences and foster better leadership, we invest in our leaders through the Leadership Development program. This program takes place over four half days and includes peer coaching groups throughout. The curriculum focuses on building skills in people management, project leadership, and communication.

Productive Conversations: Our Productive Conversations curriculum offers consultants and administrative staff a framework for approaching difficult conversations with clients, senior staff, direct reports, and teams. This interactive workshop allows participants to practice these effective techniques in small group settings. Each year many employees across roles and offices participate in this workshop.

In addition to the opportunities above, we also support or sponsor attendance at other off-site trainings and workshops appropriate for administrative professionals.

For our administrative professionals, opportunities for advancement vary by role and team. We encourage our employees to work closely with their advisors to identify areas for growth.

Many of our employees also engage in pro bono work, which provides them with valuable experience. Please see our Pro Bono at Analysis Group page for details.

The Review Process

Everyone at Analysis Group has a hand in helping peers and colleagues grow and develop in their careers. The firm takes the annual performance review process very seriously. Supporting each other in our long-term development is central to our continued success.

Every fall, as part of the review process, we reflect on all aspects of each employee’s performance. This includes individual and team work, project contributions, interactions with internal and external stakeholders, and firm- and community-building contributions such as advising, leading firm initiatives, and mentoring. We find that our review process contributes enormously to the cohesive, collaborative, and principled environment that makes our employees take such pride in our firm.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

We believe that a diverse workforce directly supports our goal to provide the highest-quality work, and that equity and inclusion are necessary to unlock the power of that diversity. This drives our commitment to strong talent and business practices that provide richer opportunities to people of all backgrounds, including all sexual orientations, genders, gender identities and expressions, races, colors, ethnicities, national origins, mental and physical abilities and characteristics, ages, socioeconomic statuses, religions, and veteran statuses. Our collaborative and people- and learning-oriented culture helps ensure that employees from all backgrounds can contribute fully and meaningfully, and bring their full selves to work each and every day. Additionally, we are committed to social impact initiatives that connect our expertise with worthy causes beyond the firm.

To learn more about our affinity groups, as well as our DE&I approach and initiatives at our firm, please view our DE&I at Analysis Group page.


The health and wellness of our employees underpin our benefits offerings, and we aim for our benefits and wellness programs to be holistic and inclusive. We offer a variety of medical, dental, and vision coverage options; financial support programs; fitness and cell phone reimbursement; and much more.

Visit our Benefits page for a full list of our offerings. For answers to specific questions about benefits, please contact our Recruiting department at

Pro Bono Work

We use our analytical expertise, intellectual rigor, and collaborative thinking to generate relevant insights in our pro bono partnerships. We work with nonprofit, governmental, and academic organizations, and support law firms in pro bono legal matters. Our pro bono cases have made significant and lasting improvements to a wide range of clients, constituencies, and communities, including unhoused and incarcerated people, children in low-income school districts, people in developing countries with inadequate health care, and nonprofits in need of funding, among many others.

To learn more about our pro bono initiatives, please see the Pro Bono at Analysis Group page for details.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about joining administrative teams at Analysis Group. Additional answers are available on our FAQ page.

How should I apply?
Please complete our online application and include a resume or CV.

What roles are currently open?
Click here to view currently open positions and apply to them.

Does Analysis Group have any administrative professionals outside of Boston?
Most of our administrative professionals are located in Boston, but we have administrative staff in all of our offices.

Does Analysis Group follow a hybrid work model? Does it allow the flexibility to work fully remotely?
Being together in the office allows us to take an active part in the exceptional collaboration, mentorship, networking, and cultural cohesion that makes Analysis Group such a special place. Working together in person fosters greater career growth and allows us to support each other more fully as well. As a result, we believe it is best for employees to work together in the office most of the time. We also know that flexibility and the ability to work remotely some of the time is important to many of us. Most of our employees can be successful while working in the office at least three days a week and working remotely one or two days a week much of the time.

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