Social Impact & Business Practices

The social component of ESG examines the impact of an organization’s operations on its employees and the communities in which it operates across a wide range of areas, including labor standards and the human rights of its employees and others in the community; pay equity; workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); racial and gender justice; product quality; customer relations; and data privacy. The goal of a social impact assessment of an organization is to promote nondiscriminatory, socially conscious, and ethical conduct that protects the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees, consumers, and the broader public.

Analysis Group has deep experience evaluating the social impact of organizations’ decisions in these areas. Our work is grounded in an integrated approach that draws from our diverse set of expertise in labor and employment; strategy, policy, and analytics; surveys and experimental studies; government and corporate investigations; health care; privacy and data security; and data science and statistical modeling. Our evaluation of social impact is distinguished by the strong analytical capabilities of our internal consultants and academic affiliates, who apply rigorous economic and statistical models to analyze issues that can be difficult to quantify.

Analysis Group’s teams have experience in assessing the social impact of businesses and other organizations, including:

  • Assessing claims of race, sex, and age discrimination
  • Modeling the impact of recruiting and compensation strategies and DEI initiatives
  • Evaluating the role of board compositions on business decisions
  • Analyzing alleged violations of consumer privacy or data breaches
  • Evaluating the impact of alleged unfair, deceptive, or harmful business practices on consumer groups
  • Designing surveys that generate reliable metrics for performance measurements of non-profit organizations

Analysis Group employees have also applied their analytical skills and expertise on these social issues to numerous pro bono consulting projects for organizations around the world.