Analysis Group fosters an academically oriented work environment with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. The analyst position is an entry-level role for candidates with research experience who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, economics, finance, mathematics, physics, statistics, or related subjects.

Our analysts are exposed to multiple projects at a time across a broad range of practice areas and industries. Analysts are provided the opportunity to work with top professors from leading institutions, counsel from premier law firms, and corporate and government clients. At Analysis Group, analysts play an integral role on our case teams. From the inception of a case through its filing, analysts contribute at every stage.


  • Analyzing economic, financial, and health care data
  • Using algorithms and statistical programming in Java, Python, R, SAS, Stata, VBA and other programs
  • Analyzing data with statistical methods and analytical tools including econometric estimation of models, survival analysis, and machine learning
  • Creating dynamic visualizations to rapidly explore data and models
  • Examining market and industry behavior through targeted research
  • Reviewing and summarizing analyst reports and client documents
  • Participating in meetings with academic experts and case team members
  • Assisting in the preparation of expert reports and other client deliverables


Our ideal candidates are intellectually curious people with an interest in applying quantitative methods to real-world research problems, and who possess strong interpersonal and communication skills. Successful analysts are committed to teamwork and collaborative problem solving, and aspire for continuous learning and professional development.

Analysts often move on to top graduate programs for an M.B.A., Ph.D., J.D., or other advanced degrees after their tenure with Analysis Group. Many return to the firm as associates after completing their degrees. 

In addition to the traditional analyst role, we also offer opportunities to join the firm as a summer analyst intern. 


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