Philippe Thompson-Leduc

Philippe Thompson-Leduc



M.Sc., epidemiology, Laval University; B.Sc., biology, Concordia University

Summary of Experience

Mr. Thompson-Leduc is an epidemiologist specializing in pharmacoepidemiology and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). He has conducted numerous health-related studies, including medical chart review studies (both site-based and physician panel-based), systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and commercial claims database analyses. His work spans a variety of disease areas, including autoimmune diseases, endocrinology, infectious diseases, primary care, and oncology. He has presented his research at numerous international conferences and is the author of several peer-reviewed scientific articles in publications such as the Journal of Medical Economics, Critical Care Medicine, Academic Medicine, and BMJ Open. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Mr. Thompson-Leduc worked as a student researcher at the Canada Research Chair in Implementation of Shared Decision Making in Primary Care at Laval University in Quebec City. His research focused on knowledge transfer and patient engagement in shared health care decision making.

Selected Publishing