Jonathan Borck

Vice President
Jonathan Borck



Ph.D., public policy, Harvard University; B.S.C.E. (civil engineering), Rice University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Borck specializes in the application of statistics and economics in the areas of finance, antitrust, health care, and the environment. His work in finance has included designing and critiquing statistical sampling methodologies to detect defects in the mortgage underwriting process. In the area of antitrust economics, he has investigated the impacts of anticompetitive practices on prices, quantities, and profits in the health care, technology, transportation, and agriculture sectors. In the health care and health policy areas, Dr. Borck has analyzed allegedly anticompetitive practices among insurers and their effects on provider reimbursements; allegedly anticompetitive practices among pharmacy benefit managers and their effects on drug prices; and the impacts of public policies designed to reduce the prevalence of smoking. His work on environmental topics has included the use of revealed preference and contingent valuation methods to analyze climate policies, natural gas markets, the value of water, and economic damages from environmental contamination. Dr. Borck has assisted clients in all phases of the litigation process, and has supported expert witnesses in their preparation of reports and other testimony. He is an adjunct lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he teaches probability and statistics to master’s degree students. He previously taught undergraduate economics courses at Harvard University and at Northeastern University.

Selected Publishing