Kristof Zetenyi

Vice President
Kristof Zetenyi

Los Angeles


Ph.D. and M.A., economics, University of Rochester; B.S., mathematics and economics, University of Richmond

Summary of Experience

Dr. Zetenyi specializes in applying microeconomics, econometrics, and statistical methods to complex litigation and non-litigation matters in antitrust and competition, and in labor and employment. In antitrust and competition matters, he has extensive experience across a variety of industries and market types, such as health care, airlines, agriculture, software, and newspapers, as well as two-sided digital platforms. In Epic Games, Inc. v. Apple Inc., he supported Apple’s testifying expert Richard Schmalensee, whose trial testimony was cited in the district court ruling. Dr. Zetenyi has evaluated market definition, market power, and competitive effects in cases involving allegations of monopolization and monopsonization, price-fixing, and other anticompetitive conduct. In labor and employment matters, he has analyzed the platform business model of ridesharing companies, and the potential impact of reclassification in cases involving allegations of driver misclassification. His non-litigation experience has included the evaluation of the efficacy of Australia’s tobacco plain packaging legislation.