Technology Industries

Analysis Group has broad and deep experience assisting in a variety of litigation matters related to the technology sector. We bring our established skills in our core areas of economics, finance, and data science to bear in technologically based industries such as biotech, AI, data science, cloud computing, and transportation. Our experience also includes assisting in the analysis of the chemical and material properties and composition of consumer and commercial products in both litigation and non-litigation settings. 

In intellectual property disputes, our experts examine issues related to infringement of patents, copyrights, and trademarks, as well as misappropriation of trade secrets. In antitrust matters, we assess the competitive impact of mergers and analyze alleged anticompetitive activity, including class certification issues involving technology companies. We also analyze technology-related issues and topics in a variety of areas, including false advertising, securities and finance, labor and employment, tax and accounting matters, privacy and data security, commercial disputes, and international arbitrations 

We work with numerous experts, who offer highly specialized subject matter experience and provide relevant context and industry-specific analyses related to technology products and related market dynamics.

Examples of our work in particular technology industries include: 

  • Calculating damages related to particular aspects of software code in intellectual property disputes 
  • Assessing consumer demand for smartphones and tablets related to a patent dispute, and quantifying the impact on consumer demand of specific functionalities associated with patents 
  • Assisting an expert in materials chemistry in analyzing the purity and suitability of certain raw materials in connection with a clean energy tax credit 
  • Supporting a brewing science expert who opined on the manufacturing processes and chemical composition of beer and hard seltzer products in a breach of contract and trademark dispute between manufacturers of alcoholic beverages