Energy & Environment

Analysis Group offers expertise in energy, environment, and natural resource economics. Our practice provides power-system and economic modeling, expert testimony in litigation and administrative proceedings, asset valuation, market-design advice, policy analysis, white papers, and strategy support for businesses and other organizations. Our clients have included electric and natural gas companies, power-system operators, oil producers, energy customers, and state and federal regulators, as well as other government agencies, foundations, Native American tribes, nongovernmental institutions, and law firms engaged in energy and environmental litigation.

Our practice is distinguished by leading experts who offer critical capabilities:

  • Analytic and Policy Expertise: A unique combination of technical analysis and policy advisory support informed by direct industry, regulatory, and academic experience
  • Litigation Experience: Extensive litigation expertise and industry experience, which allow us to explain issues within complex industries in ways that are immediately accessible and relevant to judges, juries, regulators, and other legal stakeholders
  • Multifaceted Experience: A roster of experts with industry experience with customers, suppliers, electric and gas utilities, grid operators, marketers, industry organizations, foundations, and government agencies