Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability

Issues related to climate change and environmental sustainability are a central component of ESG. In a diverse array of engagements spanning litigation, policy analysis, and strategy, Analysis Group has brought technical rigor and industry experience to assignments involving climate change and decarbonization, natural resource allocation, policy impacts, and risk analysis. We have assisted a wide variety of stakeholders in these engagements, from Fortune 500 companies and their outside counsel to nonprofits and foundations invested in the policy implications of these matters. Our team of internal consultants is bolstered by a roster of distinguished academic experts and practitioners, all of whom have relevant expertise and global reputations in climate, energy, and environmental matters relevant to ESG.

Analysis Group’s experience in these matters includes:

  • Assessing climate change risks and impacts for companies, foundations and nonprofits, and government agencies
  • Modeling electric and natural gas market prices and systems under scenarios involving new or retiring resources
  • Quantifying the economic and environmental impacts of public policy proposals and regulations
  • Evaluating scenarios and pathways for decarbonization efforts
  • Supporting testimony in litigation and regulatory proceedings on climate and environmental issues
  • Authoring white papers on key climate and environmental topics

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