ESG & Consumer Behavior

While some stakeholders in ESG matters may have access to detailed information pertaining to firms’ behavior, others – such as consumers – form their opinions based on advertising, external communications, and other publicly available sources. How these opinions are formed and their impact on firms is an empirical question that can be answered by market research and custom-tailored surveys. Analysis Group’s surveys and consumer behavior experts are skilled at providing empirical evidence to answer these questions.

We have supported parties interested in consumer attitudes, beliefs, and preferences related to a broad series of topics around environmental issues and “green” topics. We can help clients determine whether and to what extent representations about topics such as sustainability or diversity have a causal impact on consumers’ beliefs, message perceptions, and purchasing behavior.

Our experience in this area includes:

  • Assessing the design and implementation of studies aiming to estimate the impact of stigma caused by environmental contamination on residential property values
  • Assessing the design and implementation of studies aiming to determine the impact of an allegedly all-natural ingredient on consumer perceptions and preferences
  • Evaluating the impact of reputational brand harm on customer engagement metrics, consumer purchase decisions, and financial outcomes