Pricing, Contracting & Reimbursement

Analysis Group has developed unique methodologies that enable biopharmaceutical organizations to make better, more robust pricing, contracting, and target market access decisions in the United States and globally.

Our pricing teams combine the multidisciplinary skills and experience that modern pricing challenges require. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies trust us to provide customized pricing solutions across therapeutic areas, geographies, channels, and product types -- ranging from early stage to end of life cycle.

Our capabilities include:

  • US and International Pricing Strategies

    • Evaluate pricing and market access options for pipeline products
    • Create pricing models to support and evaluate key decisions
    • Develop integrated pricing strategies for launch products
    • Design and implement innovative pricing, contracting, and reimbursement arrangements
  • Contracting and Tendered Business Management

    • Review and optimize performance of US contracting and global tendered business
    • Develop best-practice pricing and bid tools and processes
    • Conduct advanced payer analytics, including segmentation, performance tracking, and payer impact modeling
  • Competitive Response Strategies

    • Develop responses to branded, biosimilar, and generic competition
    • Conduct competitive-response simulations
  • Copay and Other Patient Support Solutions

    • Design and deliver high return on investment copay support solutions
    • Assess and develop integrated care and other novel care delivery models
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