Forecasting & Modeling

Valuing health care products and businesses has become increasingly complex. Access and reimbursement are key factors, even in early commercial development. Forecasts must consider the decisions that payers and health technology assessment bodies are likely to make and the future of the standard of care, as well as decisions of competitors, physicians, patients, and policy makers.

The Analysis Group team integrates information from product profiles, landscape assessments, and stakeholder research in its forecasting and modeling engagements to provide the best forward-looking guidance for critical business decisions and strategic planning.

Our Capabilities include:

  • Early Commercial Forecasts
    Develop forecasts for early-phase assets prior to availability of Phase 2 data
  • Evaluation of Launch Investments
    Conduct in-depth analyses to inform launch investments
  • Product and Franchise Forecasts for Marketed Products
    Develop flexible, transparent models supported by relevant research
  • Licensing and Acquisition
    Conduct analyses, including valuation and modeling, to support development decisions
  • Portfolio and Franchise-Level Planning
    Evaluate markets, technology, competition, and investment options
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