Value Proposition & Evidence Strategy

A successful value proposition for all life sciences products -- including drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics -- must be accompanied by evidence of product value.

Analysis Group works with clients in all phases of development and commercialization to identify market access challenges, opportunities, and evidence-generation activities to support successful outcomes. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Landscape Assessment
    Analysis of the competitive landscape, analogue assessments, and identification of evidence requirements
  • Gap Assessment
    Evaluation of product attributes and opportunities for evidence generation, strength of supporting evidence, and opportunities to fill gaps
  • Value Proposition and Key Value Messages
    Development of value proposition and key value messages, supported by evidence and research to gain an understanding of stakeholder needs
  • Strategic Plan
    Development of detailed roadmap for evidence generation and communication of product value
  • Early-Phase Assessment of Comparative Effectiveness
    Assessment of clinical and economic value versus alternatives in early phases, using modeling and simulation
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