Multiple Antitrust Litigations on Behalf of Large Semiconductor Manufacturer

Analysis Group was retained on behalf of counsel for a large semiconductor manufacturer to provide economic consulting support to multiple experts in several antitrust litigations and investigations involving allegations of anticompetitive behavior to maintain exclusivity in the relevant market. Our consultants supported multiple experts in the evaluation and calculation of damages, and the development of a state-of-the-art demand model to differentiate the effects of alleged conduct from other pro-competitive conduct and characteristics. Our team also analyzed manufacturing capacity issues and identified sources of competitive advantage in the industry as well as ways to define marginal cost. The cases settled before trial.

In a matter in the European Union, our team supported our affiliated expert in his analysis of the manufacturer's variable cost of manufacturing and selling a CPU. Our expert filed three reports on behalf of the client with the European Commission. Analysis Group consultants also supported two experts in an investigation by the New York State Attorney General's Office into the manufacturer's pricing and contracting practices, and particularly, whether rebates and discounts had been used to foreclose market access. In addition, we were retained to provide economic consulting support involving allegations brought by the plaintiff, a competitor, that the manufacturer participated in the tying of various products. We also provided economic consulting to the company in a subsequent investigation by the FTC.

The various matters were managed by President Pierre Cremieux and/or CEO and Chairman Martha Samuelson. The case teams included affiliate Elizabeth Eccher; Managing Principals Rebecca Kirk Fair, Marc Van Audenrode, Aaron Yeater, and Samuel Weglein; Principals Almudena Arcelus and Jimmy Royer; and Senior Advisor James Rosberg.