Rebuttal of Plaintiffs' Damages Analysis

Michael F. Koehn - Headshot

Michael Koehn

Co-Founder and Affiliate

Dr. Koehn testified on appropriate approaches to damages calculations.
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Mike Nguyen - Headshot

Mike Nguyen

Vice President, Los Angeles

I developed a financial model that simulated the returns to the FSBA portfolio under different investment assumptions. The model was used to inform ACM of its potential exposure if ACM were found liable in the case. I also analyzed and critiqued the analyses and damages estimates proffered by the FSBA’s expert witnesses.
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Jimmy Royer - Headshot

Jimmy Royer

Principal, Boston, Brussels, Montreal, and Paris

I evaluated whether the investment outcome observed by FSBA was consistent with a reasonable outcome under the agreed investment strategy. We determined that the investment strategy was consistent, given the specific investment in Enron stock.
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