Indirect Purchasers

Almudena Arcelus - Headshot 

Almudena Arcelus

Principal, Boston

My role was overall project management and coordination across all of the cases, including the indirect purchaser litigation. The LCD case involved consultants in our Boston, Menlo Park, Montreal, and San Francisco offices. As the liaison among the project leader, counsel, and the case team managers, I had to ensure consistency and efficiency in our approach. To manage this project successfully, I developed a thorough understanding of the pass-through economics of the products at issue, including the LCD products’ distribution chains and various business models of all the intermediary entities. Each case manager and I worked closely to share this information with all team members. It was very rewarding to work with some of the more junior consultants on this case. Our analysts and associates play a crucial role in all of our cases, and it’s fun to share my experience and learn from them about new ways to tackle complex problems. Another critical role was taken on by the analysts on the case – a month or so into our weekly meetings, they joined forces and took control of the dinner menu. They took turns selecting the food to fuel the team ... and kept us going!

Shannon N. Seitz - Headshot

Shannon Seitz

Vice President, Boston

My role, along with a team of managers, associates, and analysts, involved supporting academic affiliate Edward Snyder in his econometric analysis of cost pass-through and estimation of damages. In addition, I worked closely with counsel to prepare critiques of multiple plaintiffs' experts’ positions, compile deposition topics, and draft useful materials for our clients throughout the litigation process. I attended many – repeat – many depositions with counsel to assist, in real time, with deposition questions and follow-up questions. It helped me gain insight into a lawyer's perspective on the case, and I was able to see what aspects of a very technical and complicated economic analysis were salient to the clients (and ultimately a jury). I also burned a pretty good path between San Francisco and Atlanta!