Laura O'Laughlin

Vice President

Laura O'Laughlin



M.Sc., economics, Université de Montréal; B.A., international affairs, University of Colorado

Summary of Experience

Ms. O’Laughlin works with clients on both non-litigation and litigation matters. In the non-litigation context, she uses complex research methods and modeling, and applies innovative analytical approaches to provide new insights on the competitive and market challenges that clients face in managing and expanding their businesses. In the litigation context, Ms. O'Laughlin conducts economic analyses and manages case teams in support of academic experts in a broad range of matters throughout the US and Canada. She has assisted clients in all phases of the litigation process, and has supported expert witnesses in the preparation of reports and other testimony in matters involving merger review, antitrust litigation, competition policy, labor relations, false advertising, finance, valuation, intellectual property (IP), and patent infringement. Ms. O’Laughlin case work includes analysis of allegations of exclusionary conduct in various industries, such as agricultural products, finance, retail, telecommunications, and technology. She also has extensive experience in the development, administration, and analysis of surveys in antitrust, consumer protection, false advertising, and IP matters. Ms. O’Laughlin regularly writes on issues related to public policy and economics, and is bilingual in both of the official languages of Canada, French and English.

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