Michael Schreck

Vice President
Michael Schreck



Ph.D. and M.A., economics, University of Virginia; B.S., mathematics and economics, Saint Vincent College

Summary of Experience

Dr. Schreck specializes in economic and quantitative analysis in complex litigation matters, including intellectual property and trademark, antitrust, tax, and financial and commercial disputes. He has worked with academic and industry experts to analyze a wide variety of industries, including fashion apparel, technology, consumer goods, e-commerce, sports, agriculture, automobiles, and pharmaceuticals. Dr. Schreck’s case work includes litigation related to trademark and trade dress issues, brand valuation, false advertising, and other alleged Lanham Act violations. He has also served as an expert in a Lanham Act matter, in which he estimated damages and the value of injunctive relief in a class action involving alleged false labeling. In addition, Dr. Schreck led an Analysis Group team supporting a signatory group of 12 marketing professors in submitting an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in United States Patent and Trademark Office, et al. v. Booking.com B.V., which analyzed whether a “generic.com” domain name could be trademarked. He has published book chapters and articles in refereed journals on a variety of topics, including trademark secondary meaning, lost profits analysis, and consumer decision making in the charitable giving context. Dr. Schreck has taught undergraduate courses in experimental economics and the economics of the public sector.


Selected Publishing