Analysis Group has broad and deep experience assisting in a variety of litigation matters related to the technology sector, including cases involving both hardware and software components. In intellectual property disputes, our experts examine issues related to infringement of patents, copyrights, and trademarks, as well as misappropriation of trade secrets. In antitrust matters, we assess the competitive impact of mergers and analyze alleged anticompetitive activity, including class certification issues involving technology companies. We also analyze technology-related issues and topics in a variety of areas, including false advertising, securities and finance, labor and employment, tax and accounting matters, privacy and data securitycommercial disputes, and international arbitrations.

We work with numerous experts, who offer highly specialized subject matter experience and provide relevant context and industry-specific analyses related to technology products and related market dynamics.

Examples of litigation matters related to technology and software include:

  • Calculating damages related to particular aspects of software code in intellectual property disputes
  • Assessing consumer demand for smartphones and tablets related to a patent dispute, and quantifying the impact on consumer demand of specific functionalities associated with patents
  • Assessing issues related to class certification in a class action involving alleged “no-poaching” agreements among multiple high-tech companies
  • Analyzing the extent to which an economic recession and its impact on a major US software company’s business could have been foreseen, in relation to a securities litigation matter