Brian Ellman

Brian Ellman

Washington, DC


M.B.A., Yale School of Management; B.A., international affairs, George Washington University

Summary of Experience

Mr. Ellman specializes in the application of microeconomics, statistics, and finance to complex commercial litigation matters and government investigations involving drug safety and product liability, antitrust and competition, intellectual property, and general damages issues. His case work in the pharmaceutical industry has included statistical analysis of market surveillance, clinical trial, and observational study data to evaluate the comparative effectiveness, safety, and dosing patterns of different treatments across a variety of therapeutic categories. In addition, he has assessed liability in product liability suits pertaining to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and automotive industries. Mr. Ellman also has conducted market analyses and assessments of the competitive effects in major antitrust matters and actual and proposed mergers, and he has conducted statistical analysis, market research, and other economic analysis to evaluate the appropriateness of class certification in antitrust and commercial disputes, as well as to assess liability and damages. Mr. Ellman has authored articles on a diverse range of topics, including the economics of biosimilar drugs, the appropriate analysis and interpretation of post-marketing surveillance data in product liability cases, the role of social media in pharmacovigilance, the economic effects of most-favored-nation clauses, the evolving standards of class certification in antitrust cases, and the use of average wholesale price in antitrust matters. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Mr. Ellman worked at the International Trade Administration of the US Department of Commerce, where he worked to secure the sustainable competitiveness of US industries by performing complex price and cost analyses and conducting on-site forensic audits of foreign corporations related to protective tariffs.

Selected Publishing