Analysis Group Announces Senior-Level Promotions and Lateral Hires

Date:June 27, 2023
Location:Boston, MA
Contact:Eric Seymour
617 425 8103

Analysis Group, one of the largest international economics consulting firms, announces 41 promotions to managing principal, principal, and vice president, and welcomes a new senior advisor and principal, as well as five vice presidents.

“We are delighted to announce the promotions of our consultants, and to welcome new consultants to the firm,” said Martha S. Samuelson, CEO and Chairman of Analysis Group. “The intellectual rigor and creative problem solving that these consultants apply on behalf of our clients is remarkable. Among other contributions, they have participated in antitrust policy and regulation enforcement across Europe; analyzed complex finance matters; conducted detailed analyses in mergers and litigation; developed intricate models for a wide range of environmental and energy markets; evaluated intellectual property matters; assessed quantum of damages in international arbitration; and developed clinical and real-world evidence for novel treatments of serious diseases.

“In addition, we are pleased to announce senior promotions on our marketing and finance teams. These dedicated professionals have made important contributions to our firm’s success.”

New Senior Advisor

Eliana Garces brings deep public- and private-sector antitrust policy and regulation experience in the US and Europe, including serving in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition (DG COMP) and Directorate-General for Internal Market and Industry. Her consulting and case work experience includes mergers and conduct cases in the telecommunications, media, industrial, consumer staples, and technology sectors. Dr. Garces has corporate experience at a large technology company and is widely recognized as an expert on the economic analysis of new digital business models, as well as on regulation in innovative sectors.

New Managing Principals

Kris Comeaux specializes in the application of finance and economics to complex business litigation and damages estimation. She has led teams across a broad range of matters involving commercial disputes, antitrust and competition, and securities and finance. Her clients include leading media and technology companies, financial institutions, global manufacturers, and life sciences companies. Ms. Comeaux has provided assistance through all phases of pretrial and trial practice, including expert search, fact discovery, class certification, quantification and rebuttal of damages, expert testimony, trial preparation, and settlement negotiations. She has also assisted clients in mass arbitration proceedings, regulatory investigations, and strategy engagements. Ms. Comeaux has experience with a wide range of empirical methodologies, particularly within the context of damages analyses. Her work regularly involves critical examination of theories of liability, development of models to quantify damages, and both quantitative and qualitative analyses in response to allegations of negligence or punitive damages. She has worked with a wide variety of academic and industry experts to assess organizational, industry, and market conditions in order to contextualize analyses of damages. Ms. Comeaux has particular expertise in organizational assessments that address theories of liability, including reviewing and responding to the results of assessments conducted by regulators and third parties.

Emily Cotton specializes in conducting complex quantitative and qualitative analyses of data in both mergers and litigation matters. She has supported experts from leading universities and managed case teams in a broad range of industries on matters related to antitrust, bankruptcy, class certification, intellectual property (IP), securities, survey design, tax, and transfer pricing. Her recent case work has included assessing competitive effects in major antitrust matters and mergers; analyzing Federal Trade Commission, US Department of Justice, and Canadian Competition Bureau merger compliance, including assistance with Hart-Scott-Rodino filings, second requests, divestiture analysis, advocacy, and merger trial testimony; managing the independent evaluation of large-scale transaction and customer datasets in major antitrust matters; examining damages issues in a data breach context; and determining arm’s-length pricing in a large US transfer pricing matter. Ms. Cotton also has substantial experience evaluating questions of commonality and typicality in the context of privacy, technology, data breach, pharmaceutical, medical device, and overcharge class actions.

Pavel Darling applies economic theory to address litigation, strategy, regulatory, and policy questions in a wide range of antitrust and competition, class certification, health care, energy, and environmental matters. He has submitted and supported expert testimony before US district and appellate courts, state utility commissions, siting boards, and federal agencies. He has also assisted clients with responses to government investigations and presented findings before US Attorneys’ Offices, state attorneys general, and the US Drug Enforcement Administration. In the areas of health care and antitrust, Mr. Darling has extensive experience supporting clients on issues related to discovery and data production, class certification, patent infringement, market definition and market power, and competitive effects in pharmaceutical and life sciences matters involving patent infringement issues, reverse payment settlements, and product hop allegations. He has designed and implemented customized suspicious order monitoring (SOM) and loss prevention programs for controlled substances, and has experience in False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Statute litigation cases, including analyses of causation and damages calculations. Mr. Darling is also an expert on electricity, oil, and natural gas pricing, markets, and infrastructure. His consulting work on behalf of utilities, state and regional organizations, and global companies includes projects related to cost-benefit analyses of new plant construction and retirements; ratepayer and bill impacts; environmental effects of emissions and pollution controls; economic impacts of energy projects, mergers, and policies; natural gas, biomass, and other market studies; and climate change matters, including decarbonization policy proposals and quantification of the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. He has conducted and overseen numerous economic and bill impact assessments in support of projects and policy proposals, ranging from new power plants and transportation facilities to electric, petroleum, and natural gas transmission infrastructure.

New Principals

Laura Comstock applies economic and financial analyses to litigation and other complex business situations. She has assisted clients in all phases of the litigation process, including fact and expert discovery, trial preparation, and settlement negotiations. Ms. Comstock’s case work has involved litigation related to the high-profile bankruptcies of several firms. She has provided consulting support and supported experts in cases related to the alleged manipulation of different benchmark rates, including evaluations of the effects of alleged manipulation on the value of different derivatives and securities. She has also provided consulting and expert support in matters involving alleged violations of Rule 10b-5 and Section 11, and on matters related to mortgage-backed securities. Ms. Comstock has supported experts in ERISA-related litigations, alleged breach of contract matters, and other business and valuation disputes.

Na Dawson specializes in applying economics and finance to complex problems in business litigation, including IP, false advertising, securities, and finance matters. Her experience spans several industries, from medical devices and high tech to telecommunications and accounting. Dr. Dawson has consulted to counsel in all phases of the litigation process, including understanding complex claims, assisting with fact and expert discovery, and providing trial support. She has served as an expert witness on matters involving false advertising, breach of contract, and copyright infringement. Dr. Dawson’s case work has involved complex data analysis, development of financial models, general damages assessment, evaluation of lost profits, royalty, and other damages remedies in IP and false advertising matters, ascertainment of loss causation and damages in securities fraud matters, and financial statement analyses.  

Eric Korman applies economic theory to issues related to finance, regulatory, antitrust, and class action matters, with extensive experience in securities litigation. His experience includes performing damages exposure analyses, supporting counsel in mediation, and supporting experts in their preparation of testimony and reports on class certification, liability, and damages issues in numerous Rule 10b-5 and Section 11 matters, including the securities fraud class action matter T. Jeffrey Simpson, et al. v., Inc., et al. – one of the relatively few securities fraud matters that has proceeded to trial – and recent securities matters in the high-tech, health care, energy, and industrial sectors, among others. In the context of ERISA litigation, he has evaluated investment performance, fees, portfolio management, mutual funds, and stable value funds. Mr. Korman has extensive experience analyzing market power in wholesale electric power markets. He has analyzed such markets in several M&A proceedings, and supported the preparation of numerous wholesale power market analyses related to company applications for market-based rate authority from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). He has also provided testimony on these issues to FERC on several occasions.

Xinyu Ji specializes in the application of economics and finance to litigation matters in the areas of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), valuation, financial instruments, and tax. He has significant experience supporting academic and industry experts, as well as providing consulting assistance to clients. Mr. Ji has examined all aspects of M&A, including bid premiums, public and private benefits of control, deal terms, sales mechanisms, negotiation processes, shareholder activism, merger arbitrage, advisor fees, material adverse event (MAE) and material adverse change (MAC) provisions, and consequences of breaching non-disclosure or standstill agreements. His valuation experience includes analyzing real estate, telecommunications, energy, public transportation, medical devices, and banking and brokerage assets. In the bankruptcy area, he applies his valuation skills to solvency and fraudulent conveyance analyses. Mr. Ji has managed case teams in matters involving various types of financial instruments and markets, including foreign currencies, auction-rate securities, precious metals, and fixed-income derivatives. He has also assessed the economic substance of various complex tax shelter transactions. In addition, he has provided econometric analyses in matters related to accounting restatements and securities fraud. 

Jessica Resch applies her expertise in finance, financial economics, and accounting issues in complex litigations and arbitrations, with a particular focus on international arbitration. She is a testifying expert, specializing in the quantification of economic damages in both international arbitration and litigation. Ms. Resch has advised on valuation issues such as cost of capital and valuation discounts and premia. Her damages and valuation work has spanned disputes over complex financial instruments; oil and gas contracts; government expropriation matters; and shareholder disputes throughout the UK, Russia, Central Asia, and South America in both commercial arbitration and investment treaty arbitration. She has also consulted on state aid proceedings in the banking industry and provided damages assessments in litigation matters before the UK High Court of Justice.

New Vice Presidents

Analysis Group promoted 34 professionals to vice president, and hired five more, across 10 offices.

In Boston, Arielle Bensimon specializes in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and provides expertise in decision modeling methods for health technology appraisal. Priyanka Bobbili specializes in the application of statistical methods to the causal analysis of complex longitudinal data in epidemiology and outcomes research, including studies on causal methods, drug adherence, and comparative effectiveness, particularly in the oncology disease area. Jennifer Cathell co-leads the firm’s marketing and business development team. Wei Gao specializes in developing innovative statistical methodologies and applying them to the study of clinical and economic outcomes in a broad range of disease areas. Atang Gilika specializes in applying financial and economic principles to complex business problems in litigation, and evaluation and quantification of damages. Kerri Holmsten specializes in the application of economic and financial theory to questions arising in life insurance, securities and finance, antitrust, and energy litigation. Victoria Hopcroft co-leads the research and affiliate support functions within the firm’s marketing and business development team. Michaela Johnson specializes in the application of economic and statistical methods in health economics and complex litigation. Nori Mehta conducts complex economic analyses related to commercial litigation and HEOR. Christopher Ody applies complex economic theory to conduct analyses of competition and antitrust issues across a range of industries. Oscar Patterson-Lomba applies mathematical epidemiology and statistical approaches to health care research, and designs and implements analytics platforms to enhance research capabilities. Ishita Rajani specializes in the application of microeconomics, econometrics, and statistics to complex litigation matters in the areas of antitrust and competition. Lucia Tiererova specializes in economic analyses of large datasets and applying a wide range of empirical methods to complex business litigation matters and commercial disputes, particularly within the context of class certification and damages analyses. Derek Vicino leads the firm’s corporate finance and client finance teams. Charles Wu applies economic theory to a wide range of energy economics, securities, trade disputes, antitrust, and statistics-based projects. Jia Zhong uses epidemiologic methodology to study a broad range of disease areas through clinical (HEOR, clinical trials, and large-scale epidemiological studies.

In Denver, Steve Allen specializes in transfer pricing and related global tax controversy matters, including the application of US and international transfer pricing regulations to all types of intercompany transactions.  

In London, Marianne Cunnington specializes in the generation of real-world evidence in support of the development and life cycle management of pharmaceutical and vaccine products, with a particular focus on regulatory risk management strategies and product benefit-risk assessments. Weiguang Xue specializes in using health economics analyses to inform product launch strategies, as well as decision making in early-stage clinical development.

In Los Angeles, Phil Hall-Partyka specializes in applying statistical and financial analyses in support of insurance, valuation, investment suitability, and ERISA matters.

In Menlo Park, Katie Williams specializes in the application of statistical and economic analyses to complex business litigation and damages estimations in a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, and health care.

In Montreal, Alix Duhaime-Ross specializes in the application of microeconomic principles, statistics, and econometric analyses to problems arising in a variety of industries, including online platforms, finance, agricultural production, manufacturing, and technology. Bruno Émond specializes in biostatistics and economics within the field of HEOR, including across a range of investigations into epidemiology, quality of life, patient-reported outcomes, cost of illness, resource utilization patterns, treatment patterns, cost-effectiveness, and treatment outcomes. Patrick S. Gagnon specializes in applying advanced econometric methods to HEOR, with a particular focus in database analyses. Dominick Latrémouille-Viau specializes in HEOR and epidemiology, designing chart review and survey studies, and analyzing outcomes associated with a range of pharmaceuticals and medical devices using medical claims data and electronic health records. Irina Pivneva applies expertise in HEOR to a wide range of medical conditions and pharmacoeconometric studies. Michal K. Popiel specializes in the application of statistical analysis and economic theory to complex litigation matters, with particular expertise in the areas of finance, antitrust, and commercial disputes, among others. Ludmila Rovba applies econometrics and microeconomic techniques to conduct complex analyses underlying a range of litigation and non-litigation matters.

In New York, Alex Fiore specializes in economic analysis and damages quantification in complex litigation matters and commercial disputes, including IP, class certification, false advertising, breach of contract, and antitrust issues. Viviana García-Horton specializes in the application of advanced statistical techniques to the field of HEOR, developing research and strategies in a wide range of disease areas. Debbie Goldschmidt specializes in the application of statistics and econometrics to HEOR, including medical chart reviews, retrospective claims analyses, physician surveys, surveys of the general public, and clinical trial analyses. Aaron Kelley specializes in applying economic principles and data analysis to problems in complex business litigation. Pavithra Kumar specializes in the application of economic and financial theory to questions arising in complex securities and finance litigation. Michael Kwak specializes in the application of economic and financial theory to questions arising in complex securities and finance disputes.

In Paris, Pierre Lissot applies analytic expertise in the areas of modeling, forecasting, policymaking, macroeconomics and microeconomics, econometrics, and energy and environment to regulatory and antitrust matters involving mergers, cartels, and vertical restraints. Devin Reilly specializes in the application of economic and financial analysis to litigation, regulatory investigations, and consulting efforts in a range of areas, including antitrust and competition, finance and securities, class certification, and IP.

In San Francisco, Luxi Wang specializes in complex financial analysis of securities trading data, claims of deficient underwriting, accounting and damages calculations, and trading strategies and risk exposure.

In Washington, DC, Della Cummings specializes in the application of economic and financial theory to a range of complex business litigation disputes, including IP, damages, commercial disputes, and tax matters. Joseph Maloney specializes in the application of economic and financial theory to questions arising in complex securities, finance, and valuation disputes.

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