Research Professional, Montreal

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
Analysis Group gave me the opportunity to do academically rigorous economic work while also gaining good professional and industry experience.
What do you work on at Analysis Group?
I work on litigation matters, supporting experts in the creation of reports that provide evidence for legal arguments. The actual work can vary and depends on the specifics of the case.
What do you enjoy most about your work? What do you find most challenging?
I really like the people I work with at AG. I’ve met a lot of like-minded, incredibly intelligent and kind people, and learned so much from them. They push me to be a better version of myself in and out of work.
What new skills have you learned since joining AG?
I’ve gotten a lot of good programming skills. I felt like I was already decent at programming when I joined, but at AG I feel like I’ve managed to take it one level further. I also have a lot more experience using Excel now, which is meaningful to me because I used to be quite weak at it.
What new experiences have you had at Analysis Group?
This is the first real job that I’ve had. It’s been interesting because, unlike schoolwork, the work that I do now often actually goes into reports and is seen by a client or AG senior staff.
What is it like to work in your office? What is the culture there?
The Montreal office is very nice and friendly. Everyone is always willing to answer my questions and help me when I’m in a lurch. Everyone is also very skilled and capable, which makes for a very good work environment.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I love to read, and I’ve set a reading goal this year of 24 books. I also really enjoy martial arts and try to go to wrestling class whenever I have a clear schedule. Since I am new to Montreal, I also love to explore the city.
Matthew Araneta

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