Manager, Boston

Why did you choose AG?
I had several interviews with economic consulting firms, but AG was where I felt that the firm culture aligned with my views and that colleagues would support my professional growth.
What do you work on?
I work primarily on antitrust matters, but I’m enthusiastic about helping teams in other practice areas when the chance arises.
What do you enjoy most about your work?
I enjoy AG’s team-first culture. Every team works with goals that go beyond ensuring that clients and experts are enthusiastic about the work product. There’s a common effort to foster professional development and work-life balance. This is essential to cope with clients’ occasionally challenging requests!
Have you worked with experts at AG?
Over my three years at AG, I’ve worked with multiple experts. I’ve been thrilled to see how each of them has a different work style. The experience has been essential to improving my communication and presentation skills. I’ve learned a lot from seeing senior staff interact with experts. It has been very rewarding that, over time, I have been able to work closely with them as well.
Have you had any especially meaningful experiences while working at the firm?
In 2019 I took part in a trip to Lesotho with two colleagues to support the local office of Partners In Health, an NGO [non-governmental organization] with which AG collaborates. The firm has been very supportive of these experiences. I’ve been impressed by the growth and breadth of AG’s pro bono cases.
What is it like to work in the Boston office?
It has grown a lot, but we still strive to maintain an open-door culture. Even when we have to work remotely, we do our best to help each other navigate challenging times.
How does AG’s culture affect your work and career development?
AG fosters professional development and allows team members to play larger roles irrespective of seniority. The firm also allows everyone to learn from colleagues, and to be open about strengths and weaknesses.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I enjoy cooking and spending time outdoors. My recent hobby is growing vegetables with my fiancée at our local community garden.
Andrea DiMiceli